Corporate Training Video Productions in Los Angeles CA

Corporate Training Video Productions in Los Angeles CA

Pascal Sangary
Director, cameraman, photographer, editor,and graphic
 artist brings over than 25 years of experience in Corporate Training Video Productions in Los Angeles CA.
 In 1990 established Pascal Productions in Santa Monica, CA. Pascal’s working experience includes covering Microsoft presentation in southern california
 creating (UCLA), training video for Los Angeles Power And Water, working on NBC's film for Black Holidays, 
commercial video with Magic Johnson, 
covering of Oscar parties for WOF, 
two years directing weekly live broadcasting on KSCI International Channel 18
, over 15 years covering Hollywood red carpets, video production over 200 special events
, award wining European Stars in 1992 for for the best video commercial.

Our Mission
To provide professional, innovative, and cost effective still and motion services to organizations and individuals by integrating cutting-edge technologies, research, experience, and creativity.
Pascal and his staff bring together the professional skills of instructional technologists, media producers, and computer scientists as well as other talented independent producers and creative artists.
Our client:
National Defense - University Foundation - 
McCann Ericsson - Communications House - 
Los Angeles Power Department - 
SONY Pictures -
Rotary International - 
F & D Finnegan & Diba - Law Corporation
 - Dr Mac Kenzie
 - Law Offices of Robert L. Shapiro - 
Law Office of  Hansen & Poulos - Law Office of Costa Abrams & Coate LLP
 - Law Offices of Haney - Buchanan & Patterson LLP
Law - Offices of Benson Willingham - LLP
Law Offices of Chapman - Glucksman & Dean - 
Law Offices of Stephen Cain
 - Law Offices of Cox, Wootton - Griffin, Hansen & Poulos - LLP
Law Offices of Matthew P. Fletcher
 - Law Offices of Alan M. Klein Corporation
 - Reeder l Lu l Green LLP
 - Berman Berman & Berman Lawyers .LLP
 - Mirage Las Vegas - 
Magna Legal Services 
 - TUACA - 
RSFF3 - 
OTR Media - 
One Voice Insurance Service - 
A Uniquely Elegant Affair - 
ADEX Medical Staffing - LLC
Kelco Sales & Engineering CO.
K - Auto Mart
 - Franklin School
 - Beverly Hills Expo
 - Beverly Packing
 - Whaling West - Our Kitchen and Bath - Tiger Financial - 
Barbara More
 - Taylor Marsh - 
All American College Prospects - 
Parking International - 
Black Stone Capital Group
 - Whittier Ford
 - TV on Motion - 
Marriott - Hispano USA - 
Women on Film - 
USC - 
DH - 
RBC - 
Ivize - CTIT- Global Travel- Misch Implant Institute- Granit Park Place

USC@ UCLA@ The_mirage_las_vegas_logo

Rotary Wheel@ MY DAMN@  sony@





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