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Courtrooms often harbor some rather tense mood. Basically, courts are about witnesses, evidences and testimonies. It is actually very important to have court sessions in video just for reference in any case the need arises. There are quite a lot of choice that deposition videography can help you make. For instance, you could use them to prepare on how to answer or question witnesses, which witnesses you are going to present and such like things. For success in legal video services and deposition videography, you need to hire the services of an experienced deposition videographer. With Pascal Productions, you can rest assured that the legal videography services that you are just about to acquire will totally be successful. You can always expect a court to be rather tense and uncomfortable at times. In order for this not to affect the quality of video, you need to ensure that you hire the services of videographers who have been in the field for a long time and who will not get affected by the moods in the court. We offer some of the most professional Los Angeles court video services. With our services, you can always be sure that the outcome will be a video suit all your needs.


It is quite obvious that the quality of the Los Angeles deposition videography services you acquire is important. You should always look for the services from a reputable and reliable company. Pascal productions has got all it takes to deliver the best quality video like you have never seen before. With the crew of highly professional videographers who have got all the training and experience, we are committed to delivering the very best. We use some of the best quality equipment in our videography sessions.
It is important to get a reliable production company to handle your legal video services. We make our services available in short notice almost 24/7. You therefore do not have to wait for a long time before you are able to access our services. Immediately you seek for our services, we will be ready to deliver.

Legal Video Service and Trail Presentation
Pascal production (AVP) offer nothing short of exceptional service, unsurpassed accuracy and on-time delivery, every time.
With a Videography team led by an attorney with over ten years experience in complex litigation, we understand your needs and can offer innovative approaches to memorializing and reproducing the important parts of your case

A video tape deposition is the most effective record you can have of an important deposition. Seeing a witness on videotape is far more compelling than reading a transcript from a cold paper record. Video sends a message that you take your case seriously and it can help you win a settlement or a trial. We can redact a video tape deposition, providing you with a seamless edited version of a witness’s testimony. With the option of presenting the video record on a DVD rather than a VHS tape, you can have precise instant access to any part of even the longest transcript. If you require assistance with courtroom playback from Elmo projector, screen, DVD player and monitor.


Our legal video services include:

  • Documentation of Independent
  • Medical exams and other appointments
  • Lossless capture of medical imaging from VGA, DVI & HDMI Sources
  • Time-lapse building documentation conversion of Virtually any proprietary
  • CCTV recording: DVR, NVR, or analog
  • Decoding multiplexed analog video to multi camera matrix view
  • Image restoration
  • Fourier transforms pattern subtraction
  • Complex motion blurs deconvolution
  • Frame fusion and histogram adjustment
  • Video stabilization
  • Reverse projection and or stereo / or stereo photography to extract 3D measurements from 2D image and video
  • Suspect height measurements and Defined area measurements
  • Analysis, processing and editing of CCTV and Sub Rosa surveillance video including: Obscure or highlight person or object - Date / Time stamp from metadata
  • Production of surveillance video DVDs with chapters or interactive PDF reports with full motion video
  • Automated video file motion search and index
  • Media file recovery from flash memory and improperly finalized optical discs
  • Forensic video consulting export
  • Video documentation
  • Video production
  • Video conversion
  • File recovery and duplication

We travel and provide our legal video services at:

  • Santa Monica
  • Century City
  • Beverly Hills 
  • Downtown Los Angeles
  • Long Beach
  • Irvin
  • Ventura County


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