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Professional Legal Video services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Legal Video Services Rates

The following are the really competitive rates the company charges for some of the most common projects. For more details and if you have any questions regarding specific rates for services not listed, for overflow or sub-contractor work, please send an email or call.

  • $300.00 (minimum) which includes the first two hours.
  • $125.00 per hour thereafter, billed in quarter hour increments.

Our billing time begins at the deposition scheduled
start time and ends when the videographer goes off the record. Unlike some videographers, we don’t
charge a “set-up” fee.

Add a second camera package for an additional $75.00 per hour.  A second camera can be used when you want one camera on the witness and another camera on a sign language interpreter, exhibits, or the taking attorney.  Both images can be merged into a single “split-screen” image onto a DVD (see Post-Production Editing Services below).

  • Video Deposition Copies $35.00 per DVD.
  • Video/Text Sync – $75.00 per hour.
  • Day in the Life Documentaries: $750.00

Travel Time
No charge for the first 1 hour of travel.
$35.00 per hour travel time beyond one hour outside of Charlotte. Travel time charges can be waived for full and multiple day depos.  However, hotel charges may apply.

Post-Production Editing Services

  • $125.00 per hour


  • $20.00 for each 8 X10 photograph
    (These can be printed as stills from video footage or from scanned exhibits.)

Digital SynchronizationWe also make it simple for clients by creating a digital version of the transcript. We synchronize the transcript text with the video and store the videos of proceedings in our centralized, electronic repository — providing clients with 24/7 access. This allows for the ability to search, annotate and index footage to highlight and evaluate critical testimony.Live Video Streaming
We also have the ability to stream live video over the web to allow for cost savings and remote attendance.

Online access to videos, transcripts and exhibits, combined with 24/7 customer support, make it easy to create a powerful video record that will positively impact your case.

When you choose Litigation Services to create a deposition video, you can relax knowing we’ve got the technical side handled. Our video services team provides and manages all AV required equipment and streams video to appropriate participants.

Cancellation / Appearance Fee

No cancellation fee is assessed with more than 24-hr advance notice. With less than 24 hr notice, 2 hrs minimum will be charged.
NOTE: If the deposition is rescheduled then the cancellation fee is reduced to only $100

We look forward to being a part of your team!
Please call us at (310)-656-1155
24/7 if you have questions or if you would like to schedule a deposition.