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Today, the internet offers to corporate and every small business an incredible opportunity to boost its viewership and authority. With the fact that so many millions of people are now connected to the internet across the world, your business could really stand out from the crowd. Tapping into those constantly online users all across the US and Los Angeles, though, can be tough. One of your most powerful tools for doing so, though, is through a live event streaming service

Broadcast & Watch HD Live Streaming Video Events

  • At the Pascal Production, we provide you access to one of the most affordable, personable Los Angeles live streaming companies around. Live streaming is one of the most powerful ways to build hype and interest about your products and services. From a live tour of your building to a meet and greet with your business partners, live streaming can do a lot for your business. Our team can help you to find affordable, reliable live streaming to make an online video many can tap into.
    We can help with the planning, shooting, mastering and marketing of your online video. Thanks to our live event streaming service, then, you can start being seen on everything from YouTube to Facebook by a hungry audience. Live streaming is one of the most powerful tools for promoting and improving your business. It’s also a great way to build a more human element to your business, showing people exactly who you are and what you offer. From a business perspective, this is an astounding opportunity

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Why should I use live streaming for my Los Angeles business?

There are many reasons why you might wish to tap into live streaming. Just some of the reasons that you might wish to consider doing  at our studio location in Santa Monica, California include:

  • Promote your business in a whole new light. While your competition might be sticking to banner ads and flyer campaigns, you can utilize a more modern form of marketing. People are far more likely to tune into a live video than read a banner in the street. With a live video, you can easily get the help you need to stand out and to gather attention.
  • Stream directly on the world’s most powerful systems. By using a password protected page to getting you on YouTube and/or Facebook, we offer numerous live streaming services. This allows you to tap into your present audience and attract new viewers, all through impressive, professionally managed videos that tell your story.
  • Affordable, high-quality video production. The video is easily one of the most powerful tools for gaining trust. With a live video, though, people know there is no editing: what they see is what is happening. Now, your marketing is much more likely to feel genuine and authentic. This removes any doubt about the sincerity of what your Los Angeles business does.
  • Projects can suit any size. From a massive LA-wide marketing campaign to something aimed at a specific set of users, we can help you to manage a live stream project of any Just let us know what you are looking for, and we can make sure you get a live streaming service that feels applicable to the scale of the project itself.
  • Live streams can suit any budget. One of the best things about running a live stream is that it can be suited to any size or budget. From a small Ted Talk-style session in a live event taking place in the streets of LA, we can help you to manage your entire live stream from start to finish. This allows you to get the scale of audience that you feel your business is suited to.

Professional video broadcast services in LA

With depth and attention to detail at the forefront of our live event streaming service, we portray you in the correct light. For a video package that produces a suitable online video for your intended purpose, then, contact us today. Our team can get to work as soon as possible. We’ll deliver a plan for the project, and then commence preparations with you.
With that in mind, you can really make your business stand out. Don’t let your business get held back by poor representation. Make use of live streaming and online video, today, and get ahead of your competition. Contact us today if you have any questions about our live event streaming service, and to find out how we can help raise the awareness and profile of your business moving forward.